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  Original American Cakewalk Ride

We have the original Brooklyn American Cakewalk ride.

This ride is well travelled the length and breadth of the UK and near European Countries and is still a major attraction at all fairs.

The 'Brooklyn Cake-Walk' is really an amazing ride, created in 1895 by Plymson and Taylor, it is the only model that is still operating and that the public can try at a funfair, while the other examples can only be admired in museums. This ride attends events such as Nottingham Goose Fair, Great Dorset Steam Fair, Ilkeston Charter Fair and Stamford & Grantham Mid-Lent fairs just to mention a few.

The ride features a gangway, with a handrail, that rocks back and forth while the public walk on it, trying not to lose their balance.

Our cakewalk is believed to be the first ride of its type to be built in 1895, by a partnership called Plimson and Taylor.

The ride was purchased by its previous owners, Albert Richards, in 1905 and visited Nottingham goose fair in that year in the old market square. Originally steam driven it was converted to electric drive when taken over by the Richards family.

This ride is now the only ride still going to the goose fair that attended it when it was on the old market square.

Through the years it has attended most major fairs throughout the United Kingdom, and several abroad. It has seen many changes in name and design, with make-overs to try and keep up with the times - organs taken off, jazz bands playing on the front, dancing girls in the fifties, amplified music, bright lights, disco lights, sayings painted on gag boards like 'the ride Churchill sent to France', 'exercise without exertion', 'you've seen the rest now ride the best'.

Almost everything has been tried but the ride itself has never changed.

Families throughout the years return year after year to ride again, bringing their children and grand children with tales of how it broke down and the owner would come back from the pub and how barney with his wife got the ride going again, and about Harry Richards famous saying - " so ".

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Brooklyn Cakewalk
Travelling Cakewalk
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