Victorian steam Carousel roundabouts and rides
  Victorial steam, driven galloping horses roundabout
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Carousel inb Victorian times
Our original No.1 steam driven Carousel Galloping Horses Ride. Photo dated 1890

Modern day carousel but Victorian dress
No.1 steam carousel modern day but with visitors dressed in Victorian costumes

The Bishton family's No 1 Carousel was built by Frederick Savage of King's Lynn in 1890 initially fitted with a steam engine which was removed in the early 1900's and fitted with an electric motor.

We have now re-installed a steam engine into the carousel. This does not use coal as the fuel for ecological reasons, but rather gas supplied by Calor Gas. It was a pleasure and a reason of pride for the family to contribute to the bringing back of a piece of history, and to do so in such an environmentally freindly way. Now the roundabout can be operated either by steam or by an electric motor.

This ride attends many of the UK's most famous fairs including Nottingham Goose Fair, Ilkeston Charter Fair and Stamford & Grantham Mid-Lent fairs

Click here for more details of the restoration work.

Carousel No.2
No.2 Carousel Ride during one of our summer location fairs at Bournemouth
This is the Bishton family's brand new No 2 Carousel ride, which following months of careful construction made its debut in the Summer of 2005
1890 Savage Carousel

Rebuilt 1890 Savage Carousel in Peresteri, Athens
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